31 Mar

my name is Jen Newman and I’m a sophomore on AWT, getting ready to declare as a Biology major. We have been working hard, practicing and getting ready for our first NESCAC match of the season, vs Williams! After a VERY successful training trip in sunny (sort of) California, we are so ready for this. Spring break was AMAZING. Another incredible trip to the Hotel Claremont, the most beautiful hotel in the claremont area. As a sophomore, I had not yet experienced a training trip in California, only Florida, and now I understand why all the alums and upperclassmen always rave about it! Despite the odd lodgings, California was awesome! Yogurtland is now my favorite restaurant. Amongst all the fun we had there, we also trained as hard as possible around the inclement weather, all getting ready for this weekend. Wish us luck!!


18 Mar

Hey all!
Welcome back both previous and future AWT-ers and other “keepers of the tabs” of this wonderful team. We are currently in the midst of traveling to Claremont, California-the site of the first matches of our spring season and the home of some of my fondest memories from my four years on this team. We are sitting here, on our layover in Pheonix, Arizona analyzing the very unfortunate weather predictions for Claremont. However, through all of these futile complaints and silly suggestions about the apocalypse (as it is supposed to get up to 80 degrees in Amherst this week and 53 in Claremont…weird), something tells me that despite these unfortunate weather patterns, we are going to have a truly special spring break.

Ah, I forgot to introduce myself as well! I am Laura Danzig-one of the three fearless co-captains of Amherst Women’s Varsity Tennis Team alongside Ashley McCall and Kimberly Snyder. I am from Allendale, NJ and am majoring in Environmental Studies.

Just to give you all a little overview of what this 7-day spring break trip entails: 4-5 matches against teams at DI, DII, and DIII California colleges and universities, about 7 or 8 trips to full of life cafe and bakery (http://www.yelp.com/biz/full-of-life-village-baker-claremont), nightly trips to one of the three frozen yogurt places in the small town of claremont, 3 midnight dips in the pool at our “Ram Inn” or Hotel Claremont, numerous van rides to and from matches screaming “Call me Maybe” at the top of our lungs on repeat to get pumped up and perhaps, if we are lucky, a magic show at the abode of Natasha Brown, last years captain and class of ’11.

Despite the painful sunburn, sore quads and glutes and jet lag we all have to look forward to next saturday on our way back to Amherst, we will inevitably have some incredible memories to keep fueling us through this spring season. Yes, we get some great competition and a really good base tan as a result of this trip to Claremont, CA but most of all, it brings the team closer together and when it comes down to it, the best teams are the ones that love each other the most.

Looking forward to getting back to you all with the results of our matches!


Goodbyes & Hellos

3 Nov

So, that’s it. Fall season is officially over. Goodbyyyyeeee Fall season. I have to say, despite the fact that we started matches much later this season, it flew by.  Jon, one of our awesome and loveable assistant coaches, has flown south for the winter and is enjoying sunshine while the rest of us are recovering from the treacherous October snowstorm. And of course, now that the storm has passed, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the temperature has the nerve to be reasonably fall-like. Dare I say, it’s beautiful… But goodbyes make way for hellos! And it’s time to say helloooo to our new blog :)

WHO-HO-HOA! Wait a minute! In all of my excitement about this blog post I have neglected to introduce myself. So, hello; my name is Ashley McCall and I am one of the Senior Captains for the Amherst Women’s Tennis Team [clasps hands together and shakes them proudly over both shoulders]. Not that this is about me but (in case you’re curious) I am from Cincinnati, OH and am majoring in Political Science and Spanish. Tennis is one of the many wonderful things I do on campus and one of the main reasons I love Amherst is because I have the opportunity to do participate in so many different things.

Throughout the year, you’ll hear from the other two captains as well as the other wonderful and witty women of the Amherst Women’s Tennis Team [crowd erupts with cheers and applause]! Until then, I’d like to kick things off with a few fall highlights.


  1. The ITA Regional Doubles Title was snagged by our very own Laura Danzig and Jordan Brewer. whoop whoop!
  2. The team drove to Middlebury mid-October for the annual Gail Smith Doubles Tournament. I loved travelling with the entire team and we had some AWESOME weather. Everyone got in some good matches. (Even Jackie and Anuja (aka Coach Bagwell and Asst. Coach Ankola if we want to keep it official.)) Zoe Pangalos and Jen Newman took third place and Danzig and Brewer took the title.
  3. Jordan and Laura won NEWITTS to close the season and Zoe and Jen made it to the quarters. That was a looong weekend. There were some grueling matches and it was cold outside!


  1. Claire and Safi: This fall we only had ONE first year join the team. If you know how large our team has been the past few years then you know how crazy that is! Her name is Safaa Aly (a.k.a. Safi) and she is the bomb diggity. It’s been such a pleasure having her on the team. She has beastly “first volleys” and beastly dance moves. Watch out. We also had sophomore Claire DiMario join the squad. Claire played basketball for Amherst last year (you know, Amherst Women’s Basketball? [cough, cough] Last season’s Division III National Champions? Yeah, that’s the team). I’m sure the basketball team misses her but we couldn’t be happy to have her (and her ridiculously boss forehand… and her long arms for sick volleys and overheads. Just saying). So this is me publicly showering them with love and welcoming them to the team (for the billionth time).
  2. Meditation: every once in a while Jackie would have us sit in circle before practice and just be silent. It was a chance to clear our heads of all the craziness and stress from the day and focus ourselves so we could have a good practice. Some people thought it was funny. Personally, I was a big fan. I almost always come to practice with things on my mind; I think that most of us do and that’s okay. But it was great to acknowledge that and sit down as a team to relax and center ourselves. Yaaaay meditation!
  3. Halloween: The team dressed up as different versions of Jackie (a.k.a. Coach Bagwell) for Halloween. I have to say that Ms. Jordan Brewer stole the show and give the real Jackie a run for her money.

I just realized how long this post is so I’m going to wrap it up. Keep an eye out for more posts from AWT (Amherst Women’s Tennis… In case you weren’t sure). Until next time, may all your serves be aces.




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